Afternoon shadows grow
From where noontime sun
Rested over clouds.
In the local clothing store
Revolving ceiling fans hum
In late summer’s warmth.
Choice refined shirts stacked
Gracefully in each ones bin.
Women’s cotton dresses
Neatly arranged by ten.
Dreaded winter coats only just arrived.
Customers given individual attention,
Buying what they might need,
Chatting for a time with the help.
“Would you like it delivered?”
Courthouse bell strikes,
It’s five o’clock one more day.
Alas, yet again, it’s time for closing.

Outside late summer’s warm evening air,
Not as hot as dog days of summer.
Birds sing their delightful melodies.
The emerald leaves faintly awakens
In tender gentle breezes,
While smugly showing off
Before changing colors set in.
Fragrance of deep fried chicken,
Home backed apple pies,
Saturate the neighborhood.
White picket fences line walks,
Journey homeward is satisfying.
Soon snowfall will be too much
To stop and talk with neighbors.

When dad arrives
The family will shortly congregate,
Surrounding family meal
Mom has faithfully prepared.
Table cleared, dishes washed.
Sun’s setting to western sky complete
Bringing twilight’s advance
Along the eastern horizon
Spreading across the heavens.

Nights grow cooler now
Before cold of winter.
Swing on front porch
Again tonight’s focus.
How long can an era like this last?
But at least for now,
Myriad thousands of stars
Will shine brightly,
One more time.


About Randall

Welcome to my mind. From it come such writings that have been posted here. The blog Nightly Sky contains the poems that I have written. Sorry. I like writing and poetry.

13 responses »

  1. Loud Mind says:

    Such a beautiful poem…I loved every line!

  2. Very beautiful, filled with powerful and vivid imagery! It really transported me in time. Well done.

  3. Miss Edee says:

    took me back to fall in the deep south where i’m from….. nice language, evokes lots of memories.

  4. Aurora says:

    Your gift of story pours out in every image you gift the reader with… every experience they feel as they journey with you to the place you have created for us… thank you.

  5. Randall says:

    Thank you for your comment. I was thinking about no technology stuff to keep up with, just talking to people face to face and the family ate together.

  6. mtnwriter77 says:

    If only we could return to those times! (I suspect that statement is heresy.) I could be very happy in a much simpler world. Wonderful visit to the past. I’m not much of a poetry person usually, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read on your site during my visit here!

    • Randall says:

      Thank you for visiting and your kind comment. I would like to go back for a little while too, like a for a vacation, to slow things down for a week or so. I appreciate it and hope you come again sometime to visit.

  7. I liked your images in this poem very much. Very evocative of another place and time. I appreciate your ‘liking’ my posts too. Thanks! Kathleen

  8. Watching, it evokes for me a test of the communication between mind and body, similar those given to test the functioning of psychomotor skills.

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